Who We Are

The 3D Capital Management team has over 100 years of combined experience. We are an investment management firm with a long history of profiting from declines in the S&P 500. Meet the team.

The single best way to protect your equity portfolio is to sell the stock market when it falls. Period. This is our expertise.

Our mission is simple: Protect and defend stock market investors by identifying weakness in the S&P 500, profiting from it, and stepping aside during rallies.


  • Reduce downside volatility / drawdowns / losses
  • Provide positive performance during down months in the S&P 500
  • Reduce correlation to S&P 500; and
  • Achieve the above with little to no performance drag

3D capital has a long history of profiting from declines in the S&P 500

  • It’s never too late to add stock market defense
  • The stock market is going to move up and down forever
  • The right S&P 500 defense can work in bull and bear markets

3D Defender Video

3D Defender is an active defense S&P 500 program (not options). This innovative investment management program has a live 9 plus year track record of success protecting stock market investors.

We manage equity market risk every day, because everyday matters.

Watch this to see why:

Investors hire some managers to make money for them when the stock market goes up. 3D Capital is the firm you hire to make money for you when the stock market goes down.

The stock market will move up and down forever. Every day is the right day to be prepared and protected. If you are a stock market investor and are looking to diversify and protect your stock market investments, contact us now.

March 4, 2020 - prior to the beginning of the current bear market:

Portfolio Manager Eric Dugan appeared on Bloomberg and discussed how copper, oil and S&P E-Mini futures have offered clues and dynamic signals similar to 2008.

You Need Protection

Do you own a single investment that profits in a falling market?

If not, your stock portfolio is unnecessarily exposed to declines in the stock market.

If you're not comfortable with losing money every time the stock market falls, we invite you to consider investment management services through 3D Defender. It's a stock market program specifically designed to mitigate your stock market risk, and has been profiting from market declines for over 9 years.

Protection is Here

3D Defender was built to protect you from declines in the S&P 500.

3D Defender has consistently profited and outperformed the S&P 500 when the S&P 500 is down on the month.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. 3D Defender involves risk of loss and may not achieve its objectives.

It's time to take action

The single best way to protect your equity portfolio is to sell the stock market when it falls. This is our expertise. If you're a stock market investor who wants to be prepared, or if you're a fiduciary who's obligated to be prepared, contact us for more information.