Keep It Simple

You buy the stock market because it goes up. We do too. Why not sell it when it goes down? 

The irrefutable fact is that the stock market will move up and down forever. It is also a fact that you can protect your portfolio and profit in a falling stock market.

Does your current stock market portfolio have the ability to profit when the market goes down?

The greatest sports teams in history won championships by playing offense AND defense. Buying the stock market is Offense and selling the stock market is Defense.

Because most stock market investors are already playing offense, 3D Capital Management exists to play stock market defense on a daily basis. Our 3D Defender Program’s investment objective is to generate positive returns and consistently profit and outperform the S&P 500 in a down market. We keep it simple. Our goal is to help you invest in the stock market with less fear and less downside volatility.

We also emphasize:

  • Daily liquidity;
  • Real time transparency; and
  • Complete investor control.

Do you have the capacity to absorb significant portfolio losses?

Do you have enough time to recover?

If you are seeking protection in the stock market we strongly urge you to be prepared and contact 3D Capital Management now.


Eric Dugan: President and Portfolio Manager


Tom O’Donnell: Managing Director


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