Is Your Financial Advisor Making Your Choice?

Here’s how the meeting went:

Me: What are your clients asking for and what is their biggest concern?

Financial Adviser: They are concerned about giving back gains in the stock market and another 2008.

Me: Do they have anything in their portfolio that makes money when the stock market goes down?

Financial Adviser: No, but they are diversified across other stocks and asset classes.

Me: We all know tolerating losses is not a solution. Stocks are guaranteed to lose when the market goes down and diversification doesn’t work when correlations go to 1 and the #*&! hits the fan. Q4 2018 is a recent reminder.

Me: This is why I am so excited. I know I can help your clients invest in the stock market with less fear and less downside volatility. I started 3D Capital to help investors profit from stock market volatility and declines. We only invest in the S&P 500 and don’t hold positions overnight. You hire long-only stock market managers to make money when the market goes up. 3D Capital specializes in shorting the market to make money when the stock market goes down.

Financial Adviser: Sounds interesting, can you tell me more.

Me: Sure, we have a nine-year audited track record that has profited 71% of the time the stock market has been down on the month and outperformed 91% of the time the S&P 500 has been down on the month.

Financial Adviser: How have you done during this historic bull market and how do you perform through different market cycles?

Me: When the stock market is at its worst we are at our best and during this historic bull market we have been profitable taking advantage of the down moves in the S&P 500.

Financial Adviser: Well you know how the game works we just tell the investor they are in it for the long haul i.e. declines don’t matter markets are cyclical.

Me: Declines do matter. The data shows if you actively manage stock market declines your clients will be much better off.

Financial Adviser: Thank you. Let me think about it and talk it over with my clients.

A few days later…

Me: I’m following up to see if your clients had any questions.

Financial Adviser: This isn’t something we know how to do and will take a pass. (i.e. We are comfortable with losing and so are our clients).

My message to you: I built my firm to protect stock market investors. Your Financial Adviser may choose not to help you but I can. Call us at 804-855-4481 or 609-947-0405 or visit our website at


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