Image of Eric Dugan

Eric Dugan, Chairman & Portfolio Manager

In 2008, Eric traded a long-only strategy that outperformed the S&P 500 by 41.84%.

This success raised a question: what if, instead of exiting his long positions to avoid market downturns, he had gotten short to profit from them?

The "short" analysis of his long-only trading indicated that Eric had a gift for short side. From this discovery, 3D Defender was born.

3D Defender has profitably shorted this historic bull market and has won numerous industry awards. If you're concerned about your own downside, we're here to help.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. 3D Defender involves risk of loss and may not achieve its objectives.


The 3D Team: Nearly a Century of Compelling, Complementary Experience

We have our money in 3D Defender. Should YOU?

Image of Thomas O'Donnell III

Thomas O'Donnell III

Principal & Managing Director

Keenly aware that pension funds cannot pay benefits with negative returns, Tom and his colleagues at the Virginia Retirement System pioneered the use of alternative investments to mitigate intolerable portfolio risks.

Since then, Tom’s 30-year career has been devoted to educating and serving institutional investors who wish to use alternative investment strategies to reduce risk and enhance returns.

As a former fiduciary charged with managing the stock market risk in a $10 billion portfolio, Tom is the ideal person to help other fiduciaries determine if 3D Defender is the right product to help protect their beneficiaries from downturns in the stock market.

Image of Ed Conjura

Ed Conjura, PHD

Veteran Research Scientist

Ed is a computational mathematics whiz whose 37-year career in hedge funds started at Commodities Corporation, the legendary firm credited for launching the careers of many notable hedge fund managers including Louis Bacon, Ed Seykota, and Paul Tudor Jones. At Commodities Corporation, Ed created first-of-its-kind software to help  traders test their algorithms and run performance simulations.

Ed's been enhancing the success of hedge fund managers ever since.

The depth and breadth of Ed’s trading, programming, and applied mathematics background make him a driving force behind 3D’s “adapt, evolve, compete or die” mindset.

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