3D Defender is executed in your own brokerage account. You have 100% transparency and can see the trades confirmed to your account on a daily basis.

Security & Liquidity

3D Defender is a hedge fund strategy that's traded outside of a hedge fund. We can execute 3D Defender on your behalf with no access to your capital, which means you can monitor and access your funds on a daily basis.

Capital Efficiency

The margin-to-equity ratio for 3D Defender is typically less than 3%. You can notionally fund your account and enjoy tremendous capital efficiency by putting your cash to work in other areas.


reasonable fees for an award-winning product

3D Defender is available for 1.25% per annum management fee and 15% incentive fee. We think it's the best product available to protect your stock portfolio at any price.

There is no assurance 3D Defender will achieve its objectives or avoid losses.

Rules-Based, Data-Driven, Time-Tested

Eric developed his trading skills under the tutelage of legendary hedge fund manager Monroe Trout, who believed in stringent risk controls and statistically significant results that are logical, persistent, and symmetrical.

This background is the foundation for 3D Defender's rules-based, disciplined system for selecting trades and managing risk.

3D Defender involves risk and may not achieve its objectives. 


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